Booking Conditions for Tourasco Group Ltd

Tourasco Group Limited - 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: 13628080

The principal is the accommodation named on your accommodation voucher.


Tourasco Group Limited is proud to be an independent agent to several Travel Providers for hotels, transfers, airlines, activities, car rentals, trains, cruises, and more.

Your booking is subject to both the Terms and Conditions of Business of Tourasco Group Ltd and the Booking Conditions of the Travel Provider.

We have developed standard terms and conditions for all our hotel providers for the avoidance of doubt, each booking made is a separate booking, available separately at exactly the same price, and is not a package.

Tourasco Group Ltd is acting as an agent only in respect of all bookings made on behalf of the hotel provider. Tourasco Group Ltd. accepts no liability in relation to any contract the hotel provider enters into or for any accommodation that is booked or for the acts or omissions of any accommodation or other person(s) or party/parties connected with your booking. For all bookings, your contract will be with the accommodation provider concerned. The accommodation provider's booking conditions will apply to your contract and prices and cancellation conditions shall be displayed when making each reservation, dependent on prevailing conditions, availability, and other factors.

Please ensure you have read, understand, and accept both the Agency Terms of Business and the Booking Conditions set out below before finalizing your booking.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you complete any booking with us as they set out your legal rights and obligations in relation to your booking. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must not make a booking with us.

Tourasco is a trading name of Tourasco Group Limited, which is registered at UK Companies House under number 13628080 and has its registered office at 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX United Kingdom (“we”, “us” or “our”). References to “ you” and “your” in these terms mean you and any other person in your party.

Our role in your booking

We operate a booking platform (online and via telephone) that enables travel agents and freelancers to use our platform to search, compare, combine, and book various travel services including, but not limited to, flights, hotels, and transfers (“each a Travel Service”). We do not own or operate any of the Travel Services. When you search for Travel Services and make a booking on our platform, our service is only to obtain and provide information about those Travel Services and arrange for you to enter into a contract with the individual provider of the Travel Service in question (the "Service Provider") and to agree payment terms between you and that Service Provider. The Service Provider will be the party responsible for supplying the Travel Service to you.

We act as the agent of the Service Provider (or its sub-agent, where we are appointed by an agent of the Service Provider) except in relation to certain flights where we act as your agent in relation to searching and booking the flight (see section 5 below for more information on flight bookings).

Your booking through us (either online or via telephone) is subject to (i) these Terms and Conditions; (ii) the terms and conditions of the relevant Service Provider; (iii) where we are acting as a sub-agent of an agent appointed by the Service Provider, the terms and conditions of that agent; and (iv) where the Travel Service is booked on the Service Provider’s website, the website terms of use of the Service Provider. A list of the terms and conditions of the Service Providers, their website terms of use and the agents for the Service Providers can be found at the end of this document. You should read all of these carefully and must accept them in full prior to booking. The Service Provider’s terms and conditions (as well as any applicable International Conventions) may limit and/or exclude their liability to you.

Package holidays

Some of the arrangements that we help you organize amount to "Packages", as this term is defined in the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (the "Package Travel Regulations"). In general, a Package will exist if you are resident within the UK and you book a combination of at least two of the following Travel Services in a single booking with us, where the arrangement covers a period of more than 24 hours or includes overnight accommodation: (a) transport; (b) accommodation; (c) hire of motor vehicles; or (d) other tourist services. If you buy a combination which includes 'other tourist services' and only one of (a), (b) or (c) above, then this will only be a Package if the 'other tourist services':

are not intrinsic to (a), (b) or (c) above.

are not purchased after the start of the performance of (a), (b) or (c) above; and either accounts for a significant proportion of the value of the Package (at least 25% of the value of the Package), or otherwise represent an essential feature of the Package.

When you book a Package, we will still be acting as an agent or sub-agent in the way described above and you will still be entering into separate contracts with the Service Provider(s) of each individual Travel Service. This is referred to as a “Multi-Contract Package” in your ATOL Certificate.

Please note that the Packages which can be organized on our website, are not the same as traditional pre-packaged holidays where the Travel Services are usually pre- selected by a tour operator or travel company and are sold to you under a single contract. Through our booking platform, you will be able to select each Travel Service yourself and subsequently enter into a contract with each Service Provider. Together, your combined booking will form a Package if the criteria set out above are satisfied. You will know this is the case if you receive an ATOL Certificate stating that it is for a Multi-Contract Package.

As we help you organize the Package, the Package Travel Regulations require us to assist you in certain situations, which we will do as described in these Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking and Payment

By making a booking with us, you agree that:

  • A.all passenger details on the booking are full and accurate (please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport);

  • have read all the terms and conditions set out on this webpage and agree (on behalf of yourself and all other persons named on the booking) to be bound by them and any applicable Service Provider's booking conditions and website terms of use;

  • have read our Privacy Policy and confirm that you will share our Privacy Policy with each named person on the booking; and

  • D. when making a booking, you are 18 years of age or over, and were placing an order for services with age restrictions, you declare that you and members of your party are of the appropriate age of purchase for those services.

Confirmation of your chosen Travel Service(s) will be conditional on you making such initial payment as is agreed by us on behalf of the Service Provider, or payment in full, including applicable fees and charges. Your booking is confirmed and contracts between: (i) you and us; (ii) you and the Service Provider(s); and (iii) where we are appointed as a sub-agent, you and the agent, will only exist when we send you confirmation by email on behalf of the Service Provider(s), which contains a valid Service Provider reference number (“Booking Confirmation”). Please check your Booking Confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately and we will try to assist you.

Booking requests can take up to 72 hours to process. A booking is only confirmed when we send you a Booking Confirmation with a valid booking reference number for each Travel Service. On rare occasions, we will be unable to confirm a booking, for example, if the payment fails. In the unlikely event that this occurs, our team will attempt to rebook the affected Travel Service at the same price. If this is not possible, for example, because the payment is blocked or there has been a change in the price or availability of the booking, we will contact you via telephone or email to discuss next steps. Unfortunately, there are times when the cost will have increased during this period of time. Any cost increases will need to be paid by you.

You agree to be bound by the website terms of use of a Service Provider when we enter the website of the Service Provider in response to your search request or request to book.

  • Travel Insurance:It is your responsibility to arrange adequate travel insurance to cover you and your party in respect of your booking. Your insurance should include coverage against COVID-19 and other health-related incidents which may affect or curtail your booking. If you purchase travel insurance through our platform, this will not form part of your Package.

  • No group bookings:In any instance, where multiple bookings are made, they shall not constitute a “group” booking. Unless bookings are all made under the same booking reference, they will be treated independently (i.e. as separate individual bookings).

  • US travel to Cuba:If you are a United States citizen, tourist travel to Cuba remains prohibited. In order to travel to Cuba, you must obtain a license from the US Department of Treasury, or your travel must fall into one of 12 categories of authorized travel.

  • Payment by installments:If you have chosen the option to spread the cost of your booking(s), all instalments must be paid by the date specified at the time of making the booking. Unless otherwise specified, we will automatically (if possible) take payment from the same debit/credit card used to pay your deposit. If full payment is not received (for whatever reason) by the Balance Due Date, we will notify the Service Provider who may cancel your booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their booking conditions. In the event of non-payment, the booking(s) may be canceled – please refer to the cancellation policy. It is always your responsibility to ensure your balance is paid by the Balance Due Date.

  • Payment Methods:We accept payment by debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express). We do not charge you a fee for using your card. However, your bank or card issuer may apply an additional foreign transaction fee for non-UK registered cards.

Cards are accepted subject to security and fraud checks and we reserve the right to reject/cancel your Travel Service(s) should your booking request fail any element of these checks.

1A. COVID-19

We both acknowledge and agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected travel throughout the world and that we both have responsibilities to comply with various laws, regulations, and guidance issued by governmental or regulatory authorities that seek to manage the risks caused by COVID-19. In light of these risks, it is a condition of making your booking through us that you obtain travel insurance that includes cover against any COVID-19 issues or incidents that may affect your booking.

You acknowledge that laws, regulations, and the Service Providers providing your holiday (such as airlines, hoteliers, transfer providers, and other service providers) may require you and employees of your Service Providers to comply with various measures that have been introduced to manage the risk of COVID-19.

These may include (without limitation) a requirement to undergo temperature checks, provide health information or certificates, wear personal protective equipment, such as facemasks and gloves, and abide by social distancing requirements. There may also be other limitations implemented, which may include (without limitation) limitations on the number of persons who may use facilities or services at any particular time, limitations on the availability of certain facilities and services (e.g. buffet and self-service restaurants may be replaced by a-la-carte; spas and pools, kids' clubs and entertainment may be closed), changes to the way the accommodation is set out or how its services are run, requirements to pre-book facilities and services, deployment of sanitization measures and other hygiene requirements.

You also acknowledge that certain Service Providers, ports, airports, border control, or other third parties may require you and members of your party to undertake certain health formalities (including, without limitation, obtaining COVID-19 PCR tests that satisfy their set criteria and completing requisite travel passes or forms in the prescribed format) or satisfy other requirements aimed at managing the COVID-19 risk as a condition to you traveling, departing, entering or residing in a particular place or utilizing certain services you may have booked. You agree that it is your obligation to obtain details of these requirements ahead of your travel departure date and ensure you and all members of your party comply with and satisfy these requirements in full. If you fail to meet these requirements or refuse to complete them, you may be denied boarding, exit, entry, or the use of some other facility or service that forms part of your booking. We shall not be liable to you for any refund or compensation in relation to such matters.

You also acknowledge that certain countries may impose quarantine or self-isolation measures upon travelers, whether in the place of destination or upon return, and that such requirements are subject to change and may be imposed on short notice.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the advice from your national authority for overseas travel before departing. In the UK, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s latest advice for travel to other countries is available here.

You agree to notify us immediately if you test positive for COVID-19 at any time after you make your booking with us if you consider that you may have COVID-19 symptoms, or if you become aware that you may have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who may have COVID-19 symptoms. We may share this information with the relevant Service Providers for your booking (or any other organization, in line with any legal requirements) in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy.

If you notify us before traveling, and we (or the relevant Service Providers) conclude that you are no longer able to travel because of the COVID-19 risk, then your booking will be treated as having been cancelled by you and our standard cancellation charges will apply. We will, however, explore with you whether it is possible for you to postpone your booking to a later date, which may incur further charges and is subject to your Service Providers’ terms and conditions. It might also be possible for you to transfer your booking to another person, subject to the terms of transfer set out in these Terms and Conditions and in your Service Providers’ terms and conditions.

If you notify us during travel, you acknowledge that we or your Service Providers (or local laws and regulations or health and safety bodies) may require you to follow certain measures designed to manage the risk of COVID-19 and your Service Providers may refuse to provide you with the relevant service(s). You may, for instance, be required to self-isolate for a period of time. You agree to comply with these requirements. In this instance, we will provide you with such reasonable assistance as we are able to in the circumstances. However, we will not be responsible for meeting any costs incurred by you or for refunding or compensating you for the curtailment of your holiday, canceled or rebooked transportation, additional accommodation, or other associated costs you incur in connection with the same.

We both agree that the measures set out above are a necessary part of keeping you, other travelers, employees, and the public safe on holiday. You are making your booking in full knowledge that such measures are likely to be a part of your holiday and do not amount to minor or significant changes to your booking, nor do they amount to any Failure (as defined in paragraph 12).

We shall have no liability to you or any member of your party for any refunds, compensation, losses, costs, expenses, or damages you incur in connection with the matters described above or if you or any member of your party are unable to travel or make use of all or part of your booking because of these matters. These are risks that you must protect against through obtaining comprehensive travel insurance.

You further acknowledge as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry, many hotels are closing on short notice or making changes to their facilities as set out in this paragraph in order to ensure the safety of employees and travelers. Where a hotel closure affects your booking, in accordance with paragraph 10, we will arrange alternative accommodation for you to enable your holiday to continue, which will meet the criteria for a minor change.

2. Prices & Pricing Errors

We endeavor to ensure that all pricing and other information on our website is accurate. However, it is always possible that, despite our efforts, there may be times when obvious errors occur such as the price or some other detail displayed being incorrect. We and each Service Provider reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time prior to confirmation. We will normally check prices before confirming your booking so that, where the booking's correct price at your booking date is less than our stated price at your booking date, we will charge the lower amount. If the booking's correct price at your booking date is higher than the price stated to you, we will contact you by telephone or email for your instructions before we confirm your booking.

If we confirm and process your booking where a pricing or other error is obvious and could reasonably have been recognized by you as a mistake, we may terminate the contract and refund you any sums you have paid us.

In relation to Package bookings, we may change the price of your Package after we have issued our booking confirmation in order to pass on to you changes in: (i) the price of the carriage of passengers resulting from the cost of fuel or other power sources; (ii) the level of taxes or fees on the Travel Services included in your booking imposed by third parties other than the Service Providers, including tourist taxes, landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and airports; or (iii) the exchange rates relevant to the Package. We will only be able to change the price in this way if we notify you of any price increase at least 20 days before the start of your Package, together with a calculation and an explanation for this change.

If the price of your Package is increased by more than 15% of its total price, then you may:

  • Accept and pay for the price increase.

  • Reject the price increase and terminate your Package with a full refund; or

  • Reject the price increase, terminate your Package, and take an alternative one if we decide to offer this. If you decide to take an alternative Package, we will inform you of its impact on the price of your booking. If the alternative Package is of a lower quality or cost, you may be entitled to a price reduction in accordance with paragraph 13 below.

We will give you a reasonable period of time to make your decision, which will usually be 2 days from notification of the price increase. If we do not hear from you within this timeframe, we shall send a reminder to you, following which we shall be entitled to terminate the Package and provide you with a refund.

If you decide to reject the price increase and terminate your Package with a full refund, you may also be entitled to compensation in accordance with paragraph 13 below. You will be entitled to a price reduction for your Package booking corresponding to any decrease in the costs described above that occur after you have booked but before the start of your Package, although we will be entitled to deduct our administrative expenses from this process. You will be entitled to ask for a breakdown of these administrative expenses.

3. Accuracy of Online Content

We take all practical steps possible to ensure that the details displayed on our website are accurate and up-to-date, but we do rely upon the information given to us by the Service Provider(s) which is intended to present a general idea of the services and facilities being offered. Sometimes – and particularly at the beginning and end of the season – certain facilities may be withdrawn for reasons such as maintenance, bad weather, lack of demand from guests, or low occupancy.

Some advertised activities or facilities, for example, watersports, may be seasonal and not available all year round. There may be local charges for some facilities, for example, TVs, safety deposit boxes, sun loungers, parasols, spa access, tennis courts, pool tables, and air-conditioning. Unless specifically confirmed on your room type or board basis, you must assume some, if not all facilities will be payable locally. If your Service Providers advise us about significant changes to descriptions or about the withdrawal of any significant facility, we will endeavor to pass this information to you.

The online content provided by our Service Providers may not include the latest safety precautions in place to manage the risks of COVID-19. Please refer to paragraph 1A above for more information as to what you should expect in this regard.

Transfer times quoted by the Service Provider for travel between the airport and resort are approximate and, depending on circumstances, the journey time to your own chosen destination may be longer.

If you have booked a shuttle transfer, please note that these run to a set timetable and set route that may not always be immediate to your accommodation.

4. Flights

We operate a booking platform that enables you to search, compare, and book flights. When searching for and/or booking a flight, our booking platform will, in respect of certain airlines, interact with third-party suppliers to obtain the relevant information and/or book the flight. In respect of other airlines, our booking platform will interact with the relevant airline’s website to obtain the relevant information and/or book the relevant flight. In both instances, we will act as your search and booking agent on the criteria specified by you in this regard.

In relation to such bookings, you appoint us to source and where relevant book those flights as your agent on your behalf and you are our principal. We will arrange for you to enter into the following contract directly with the airline concerned: (i) where the flight is booked by us on the airline’s website and not by one of our third-party suppliers, you agree to be bound by the website terms of use when we enter the airline’s website in response to your search request or request to book; and (ii) you will be bound by the airline's terms and conditions upon your receipt of the Booking Confirmation.

You are advised to read these carefully prior to requesting us to book your flight. Except where the flight forms part of a Package (see paragraph 12 below), we accept no liability in relation to any contract you enter into with the airline, or their acts or omissions, or for the flight service itself.

In the case of some airlines, we will use the payment information provided by you to book the flight seats you require on your behalf, and you agree that we can use the payment details you provide to do so. Where this is the case, you will see two separate transactions on your card statement: one will be for the cost of your flights with the applicable airline and the remainder will be your payment to Tourasco Group Ltd in respect of your booking.

The airline may provide booking confirmation directly to you by email and, in such cases, we will generally be unable to access or alter your booking. As such, any amendments to your booking must be made by you, directly with them, except where we state to the contrary in your booking confirmation or in these Terms and Conditions. We will issue a confirmation invoice that details our charges for the use of this booking service (if any).

Where we are able to access your booking with the airline, we may manage that booking on your behalf, including by accessing your account with the airline to administer the booking (e.g., by making amendments or requesting refunds or other options in relation to canceled flights), or otherwise to monitor the booking with the airline.

The airline may send correspondence from time to time. We shall inform you of any important matters of which we are made aware that relate to your booking (for instance, schedule changes) and how this might impact other holiday arrangements booked with us. However, we will not pass on correspondence that does not relate to your booking. Where applicable, monies paid to us for such flight services are held by us on your behalf until they are paid to the airline in question.

Please note that payment by you to us does not constitute payment to the airline until we make that payment on your behalf, but if we collect monies from the airline on your behalf, their liability to pay that money to you is discharged.

If an airline makes a full refund for a canceled flight directly to you, or you accept a voucher or free amendment from the airline instead of a refund, you agree that you will notify us of this and that any liability we have to you in respect of any such flight refund amount is thereby discharged. If an airline makes a partial refund directly to you, then any liability we have to refund you in respect of that same flight shall be reduced accordingly. If you take one of these options from an airline and obtain a cash refund from us in respect of the same flight, you agree immediately to repay the cash refund to us.

Charter flights: When you book your charter flight through us, we act as an agent for the charter flight provider who holds an ATOL. The contract will be between you and the charter flight provider based upon their terms and conditions; a copy of which will be available to you prior to booking and is available on request.

IATA flights: We are appointed by some airlines as their agent through our accreditation with the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”). When you book these flights through our platform, we will be acting as an agent for the relevant airline.

Operating Carrier Information: In accordance with EU Regulation (EC) no. 2111/2005, Article 9, we are required to bring to your attention the existence of a 'CAA list' which contains details of air carriers that are subject to an operating ban within the UK. This list is available for inspection here.

In accordance with this same EU Regulation, we are required to advise you of the operating carrier(s) (or, if the operating carrier(s) is not known, the likely carrier(s)) that will operate your flight(s) at the time of booking. Where we are only able to inform you of the likely carrier(s) at the time of booking, we will endeavor to confirm the identity of the operating carrier(s) as soon as we are made aware of this.

Any change to the operating carrier(s) after your booking has been confirmed will be notified to you as soon as possible. Any change in the identity of the airline, flight timings, and/or aircraft type will not entitle you to cancel or change to other flight arrangements without paying charges, except where specified.

Flight times can change for a number of different reasons. You should always look to reconfirm your flights 48 hours prior to departure to ensure that no changes to your flight schedule have occurred.

5. Final Travel Arrangements

Please ensure that all your travel, passport, visa insurance documents, and other documents required for travel, which may be required pursuant to paragraph 1A, are in order and that you arrive in plenty of time for check-in in at the airport. Please note that requirements can change at any time and at short notice. You agree that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documents to travel and acknowledge that Tourasco Group Ltd has no responsibility for this.

You must reconfirm your flight details within 48 hours of departure by checking your airline's website for any travel updates, including any possible schedule changes or cancellations. If your flight time has changed, please ensure you travel to the airport with enough time to accommodate this change.

  • Transfers:If you have booked a shuttle transfer from your destination airport, please note that these run to a set timetable and set route that may not always be immediate to your accommodation. If we receive notification from your airline that the scheduled arrival time of your flight has changed or that your flight is canceled (and we replace it), we will liaise with the transfer Service Provider to rearrange your transfer.

If you receive an email or other notification directly from the airline that there is a change to your scheduled flight arrival time or that your flight is canceled, it is your responsibility to notify of these changes via ‘Manage My Booking’. We will then liaise with the transfer Service Provider to rearrange your transfer. If you do not update your booking via ‘Manage My Booking’, we will not be able to rearrange your transfer and you may have to pay additional costs for a different transfer.

Our responsibility for your booking

Non-Package Bookings
  • Provision of the Travel Service:Your contract for the Travel Service is with the Service Provider and their booking conditions apply, subject to such payment terms as we have negotiated. As an agent, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of the Travel Service.
  • Our responsibilities are limited to the booking service we provide to you. We accept no responsibility for any information about the Travel Service that we pass on to you in good faith if any errors in that information are beyond our reasonable control (e.g. because they are due to the fault of the Service Provider).

  • Loss or damage:We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, both we and you knew it might happen, for example, if you discussed it with us during the sales process. We only supply our services for domestic, non-commercial, and private use. We do not therefore accept liability for any business losses (e.g., loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity).

  • Third-party behavior:We accept no responsibility for the behavior or actions of third parties related to your accommodation, transfer, or flight, or for any facilities/services withdrawn as a result of their actions.

  • The extent of our liability:In the event that we are found liable to you on any basis whatsoever, our maximum liability to you is limited to three times the cost of your affected Travel Services (or the appropriate proportion of this if not everyone on the booking is affected).
  • We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury that arises as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees, agents, or subcontractors whilst acting in the course of their employment or engagement, liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

Package Bookings

Performance of the Travel Service: We have a liability to you for the performance of the Travel Services included in your Package booking under the Package Travel Regulations, irrespective of the fact that such Travel Services are to be performed by the Service Providers or the principal suppliers.

However, you must tell us immediately of any failure to perform or improper performance of your Travel Service (“Failure”). This will give us the opportunity to resolve the Failure whilst you are on your holiday. If we refuse to do so, or if it is necessary to remedy the Failure immediately, then you may resolve the Failure yourself and request reimbursement of reasonable expenses from us.

However, these rights will not arise if remedying the Failure is impossible or entails disproportionate costs. In that case, your only right will be to seek a price reduction or compensation in accordance with the amount paid.

  • When alternative arrangements may be offered:If a significant proportion of the Travel Services included in your Package cannot be provided as agreed in the booking, we shall offer, at no extra cost to you, suitable alternative arrangements for the continuation of the Package. The alternative arrangements shall, where possible, be of equivalent or higher quality than those specified in your booking. Where they are of lower quality you will be entitled to a price reduction to be assigned by the Tourasco Group team
  • You may only reject the alternative arrangements we offer to you if they are not comparable to what was agreed in the booking or if the price reduction is inadequate. If you do reject the alternative arrangements, or if we are not able to offer them, then you may, where appropriate, be entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation.
  • Remedy for a Failure:If a Failure substantially affects the performance of the Package, and we have failed to remedy it within a reasonable period of time, you may decide to continue with your Package or terminate your booking without paying a termination fee.
  • If you decide to terminate, then if your Package includes carriage to the destination, we will also repatriate you with equivalent transport without undue delay back to your place of departure and at no extra cost to you. You may, where appropriate, be entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation.
  • Additional accommodation in the event of Unavoidable and Extraordinary
  • Circumstances:If we are unable to ensure your return to your place of departure as agreed in your Package because of Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances, we shall bear the cost of necessary accommodation, if possible, of equivalent category, for a period not exceeding three nights per passenger.
  • This limitation shall not apply to persons with reduced mobility and any person accompanying them, pregnant women, and unaccompanied minors, as well as persons in need of specific medical assistance, provided that we had been notified of their particular needs at least 48 hours before the start of the Package.
  • If a longer period of accommodation than that referred to above is provided for in Passenger Rights Legislation (as described in the Package Travel Regulations) concerning your mode of return transport, or such legislation does not allow the transport provider to limit its obligations as described above in the event of Unavoidable or Extraordinary Circumstances, then the limits set out in such legislation will apply instead.
  • Other appropriate assistance from us:We shall provide you with appropriate assistance without undue delay if you are in difficulty whilst on holiday, in particular by providing appropriate information on health services, local authorities, and consular assistance; and by helping you make distance communications and helping you find alternative travel arrangements.
  • Typically, we do not charge for this assistance, although we do reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for such assistance if the difficulty has been caused intentionally by you or a member of your party or through your or their negligence or misconduct.

7. Room Allocation

After registration/check-in at your accommodation, you will be allocated a room. It is your responsibility to verify the check-in and check-out times directly with the Service Provider. Please note that the fact that rooms appear listed together on the same booking itinerary does not guarantee that they will be adjacent to one another or otherwise in close proximity.

7A. Passengers with Reduced Mobility

The majority of the Travel Services offered are suitable for all persons, however, it is your responsibility to advise us, prior to booking, of any conditions/disabilities that may affect your holiday. Where possible, we will inquire with the Service Provider about the suitability of the Travel Service for you, however, we can give no guarantees.

It is recommended that you make your own independent inquiries to ensure the Travel Service of your choice is suitable for your particular requirements before making your booking.

8. Insolvency Protection

We Love Holidays Limited provides full financial protection for our flight inclusive Package and ATOL-protected flight sales by way of our Air Travel Organiser's Licence number 12022 as trading name for Inteletravel issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, RH6 0YR, UK, telephone +44 (0)333 103 6350, email:

When you buy an ATOL-protected flight or flight-inclusive Package from us you will receive an ATOL Certificate. This lists what is financially protected, where you can get information on what this means for you, and who to contact if things go wrong.

We, or the suppliers identified on your ATOL Certificate, will provide you with the services listed on the ATOL Certificate (or a suitable alternative). In some cases, where neither we nor the supplier are able to do so for reasons of insolvency, an alternative ATOL holder may provide you with the services you have bought or a suitable alternative (at no extra cost to you). You agree to accept that in those circumstances the alternative ATOL holder will perform those obligations and you agree to pay any money outstanding to be paid by you under your contract to that alternative ATOL holder.

However, you also agree that in some cases it will not be possible to appoint an alternative ATOL holder, in which case you will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme (or your credit card issuer where applicable).

If we, or the suppliers identified on your ATOL certificate, are unable to provide the services listed (or a suitable alternative, through an alternative ATOL holder or otherwise) for reasons of insolvency, the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust may make a payment to (or confer a benefit on) you under the ATOL scheme.

You agree that in return for such a payment or benefit you assign absolutely to those Trustees any claims which you have or may have arising out of or relating to the non- provision of the services, including any claim against us, the travel agent (or your credit card issuer where applicable). You also agree that any such claims may be reassigned to another body if that other body has paid the sums you have claimed under the ATOL scheme.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

We have taken out Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance, which provides We Love Holidays Limited with financial protection in the rare event of the insolvency of an airline or flight consolidator. This means we will be able to claim from the insurer the amounts we have paid to the airline or consolidator for flights not received as a result of the insolvency. This, in turn, will enable us to pay for a replacement flight (or offer you a refund) in the event of the airline or consolidator’s insolvency.

9. Your Conduct

You acknowledge that you, and all members of your party, are expected to behave in an orderly and socially acceptable manner and not to disrupt the enjoyment of others. If in the Service Provider’s opinion, or in the opinion of any other person in authority, your behavior or that of any member of your party is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger, or annoyance to any other customers or any third party, or damage to property, or to cause a delay or diversion to transportation, the Service Provider reserves the right to terminate your booking immediately with no further liability to you. You and/or your party may also be required to pay for loss and/or damage caused by your actions and you, and each member of your party will be jointly and individually liable for any damage or losses caused.

Full payment for any such damage or losses must be made directly to the Service Provider prior to departure. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any and all claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us because of your actions or the actions of your party together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you.

Booking Conditions


You hereby guarantee that you are of legal age have the capacity to act and are fully authorized to enter into a binding contract in your own name and in the name of the people in your group. You are responsible for ensuring that these General Terms and conditions are made known to and accepted by all end users and other interested parties. This should be ensured before you formalize any agreement with any of the aforementioned parties. Furthermore, you shall ensure that said end users and other interested parties are of legal age and have the capacity to make such undertakings with Tourasco Group Ltd. in the terms detailed below.

Agents hereby guarantee that all the personal information provided in booking accommodation and the process of registering for the service is correct. Likewise, agents accept financial responsibility for all transactions made in your name or via an agent account.

By accepting the General Terms & Conditions, and pursuant to Directive 2000/31/EC on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, you consent and authorize Tourasco Group Ltd to request from the accommodation provider any personal information relating to you or your group.

Such information shall be treated in compliance with European Directives 95/46 and 2002/58, as well as any other such legislation that substitutes, complements, and develops the PDPR and will be used to process bookings and payments made at your request.

Thus, personal information shall be understood to include, but not be limited to any telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, addresses of residences, signatures, ID or passport copies, credit card details, personal preferences, disabilities, or any special dietary or religious requirements or any other information related to you or your group that may be relevant for the completion of your reservation. Given the nature of online transactions, you hereby acknowledge the impossibility of signing the letter of payment, understood as the document by means of which consent is normally given to a transaction. For this reason, you accept not to sign any electronic transaction generated as a result of booking via the Tourasco Group Ltd website.

The person who fills in the booking form on the site must be authorized to do so in the name of all the members of the group traveling together and must confirm that all members accept the booking terms and conditions. Furthermore, this person shall be responsible for the total cost of the accommodation, including cancellation or amendment charges. Likewise, this person shall inform the other members of the group of the confirmation details and any other relevant information.

Only those persons named at the time of booking, or subsequently advised, can occupy the accommodation(s). Should any damage be caused by you or any member of your party to the accommodation(s) or its contents, you will be required to arrange immediate reimbursement before the end of your stay. The booking is confirmed, and a binding contract comes into existence, only when Tourasco Group Ltd has both: Issued a booking confirmation and reference on behalf of Hotel Providers and has received the payment required on booking.

The date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation.

Once the contract is made the hotel provider is responsible for providing the agent with the accommodation booked, and the agents are responsible for providing payment to Tourasco Group Ltd.

The booking confirmation will identify the name and address of the accommodation, which you have booked.

Please check all details carefully and notify Tourasco Group Ltd immediately of any discrepancies.

Tourasco Group Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the booking if any balance due is not received by the due date. In that case, you will be advised by email, and cancellation charges will be applied.

What's included in your booking?

The basic accommodation cost includes the following: Accommodation, meals and any other services as stated on your accommodation booking voucher. All obligatory accommodation establishment service charges and taxes: Excluding some USA resort and other countries city fees which require an additional resort fee, and any other required tax to be paid by the guest on arrival at the accommodation establishment. Please refer to the Observations within your chosen "Hotel Info" page which will advise if any additional resort fee is required on arrival. VAT on all holidays in EC countries.

What's not included in your booking?

The basic accommodation cost does not include Transfers between the airport and accommodation. Excursions and other personal expenditure, unless otherwise stated within the offer on the website and as detailed under 'Observations` within the accommodation voucher. Additional charges for rooms, meals, or under-occupancy in apartments are not stated to be included in your booking. Charges that accommodation establishments or apartments may make for facilities such as cots, parking, minibus services, sun beds, sauna, tennis courts and equipment, porters, etc. Deposits are requested on arrival by some apartment/villa owners. USA Resort Fees where applicable. Please refer to the accommodation voucher under 'Observations` to see whether there is an additional fee applied. Certain countries have a local tax, known as 'occupation tax' or 'tourist tax', which must be paid directly by the end user at the accommodation provider or at the airport.


Child prices and other conditions relating to children are agreed upon with each accommodation provider and are not based on any one criterion; therefore, given that each accommodation provider applies its own special conditions and prices, we ask that you enquire about this point when making your booking.

Accommodation services: Any child prices or special conditions will only apply when children share a room with 2 paying adults.

Accommodation Services:

Any child prices or special conditions will only apply when children share a room with 2 paying adults.

  • COTS (UK) /CRIBS (US) –please advise us at the time of booking if you require a cot or crib. Tourasco Group Ltd will pass your request to the accommodation provider; however, we cannot guarantee this request will be met. Such request will be subject to availability and if the accommodation provider is unable to meet any such request, neither Tourasco Group Ltd nor the accommodation provider will have any liability to you in this respect. This request may only be available at an additional cost unless otherwise expressly stated in the description of the accommodation provider, and if any additional cost is applicable this should be paid by you directly to the accommodation provider.
  • Extra Beds:some accommodation providers have twin- or double-bedded rooms that will accommodate a third bed. Details on any supplement and/or discount applicable where a third bed is to be occupied by an adult can be obtained from the accommodation provider. Accommodation providers may have no, or limited numbers of, extra beds so the ability to provide a third bed will be subject to availability.
  • Any request for an extra bed must be made at the time of booking and if the accommodation provider is unable to meet any such request, neither Tourasco Group Ltd nor the accommodation provider will have any liability to you in this respect.


You, the customer, are responsible for making all payments of the correct amount and on time to Tourasco Group Ltd.

In the event that you have failed to pay all monies due on or in advance of arrival at the hotel, Tourasco Group Ltd reserves the right to seek payment directly from the guest.


Tourasco Group Ltd takes every reasonable care to ensure that the information published about each hotel, villa, or apartment is accurate; however, we cannot accept liability for errors or omissions in the descriptions. Facilities and amenities in accommodation may be temporarily unavailable for operational reasons, where this happens, we will do our best to advise as soon as possible.


If you, the customer, wish to make an amendment to your booking the conditions that apply are as determined by Tourasco Group Ltd in their Agency Terms of Business.

Occasionally Tourasco Group Ltd has to make changes to details both before and after bookings have been confirmed. Whilst we always try to avoid changes, Tourasco Group Ltd must reserve the right to do so.

Most changes are minor. Occasionally Tourasco Group Ltd will have to make a more substantial change to the booking ("Significant Change") as defined below:

A change of accommodation to that of a lower official classification or standard for the whole or a majority of the stay booked; A change of accommodation area for the whole or a major part of the time the customer is away.

The closure of the only or all advertised swimming pool(s) at the accommodation for an extended period in excess of 48 hours.

In the event of a Significant Change Tourasco Group Ltd will notify the agent as soon as possible, and provided that there is time to do so before departure, you will be offered the following options:

Accepting the changed arrangements; or purchasing an alternative accommodation from us, of a similar standard to that originally booked if available (if the chosen alternative is less expensive than your original one, we will refund the difference but if it is more expensive, you, the customer will pay the difference); or

Cancellation of that booking only and refund of money paid against that booking only.

Please note, the above options are not available for changes other than Significant Changes and no payments will be made for any minor changes.

In all cases, the liability of both Tourasco Group Ltd and accommodation providers for Significant Changes is limited to offering you the customer, the above-mentioned options.

No additional expenses, costs, or losses will be recompensed, including but not limited to, cancellation costs on other bookings you may have made at the same time.


If Tourasco Group Ltd cancels your booking you will be entitled to a refund of money paid against that booking only.

No additional expenses, costs, or losses will be recompensed, including but not limited to, cancellation costs on other bookings you may have made at the same time.


If, for whatever reason, you do not turn up at the accommodation on the arrival date stated on your accommodation booking voucher without prior warning to Tourasco Group Ltd ("a no show"), you or any member of your party will not be entitled to any refund.


Tourasco Group Ltd is not liable for damages or losses that may result from travel to any particular destination. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office will help travelers stay safe overseas. Check FCO website at for the latest advice on conditions and general information concerning specific countries.

All passengers must be in possession of a valid passport and, if necessary, a visa. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant travel and health documents before departure for the country you are visiting, which shall include but are not limited to, any inoculations that may be required, ID, and passport. , IDs, passports, and possibly also marriage certificates for couples sharing the same room in some Muslim countries.

Tourasco Group Ltd shall not be liable for any expense incurred resulting from your missing, incomplete, or incorrect documentation or any non-compliance with requirements.

Further information is available from: 1. Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Unit (0870 606 0290) 2.Your doctor with respect to vaccination requirements.


You are strongly advised to take out adequate travel insurance prior to arriving at your destination. It is your responsibility to check you have adequate insurance coverage. The insurance should cover, amongst other things, the cost of cancellation by you, personal losses, all medical costs, and the costs of assistance including return to the UK in the event of an accident or illness.


Tourasco Group Ltd will not be liable for any changes, cancellations, and effect on your booking, loss or damage suffered by you or for any failure by the accommodation providers and/or Tourasco Group Ltd to perform or properly perform any of our respective obligations to you which is due to any event(s) or circumstance(s) if the nonperformance is caused by force majeure. By way of example, force majeure includes, but is not limited to, war, revolution, terrorist act, closure of borders, epidemic, natural catastrophe, or other causes that seriously affect both parties and in particular the place where the accommodation provider is located as well as the country of origin of Tourasco Group Ltd and other unforeseeable causes beyond Tourasco Group Ltd's control.


Tourasco Group Ltd wants you to enjoy your holiday and works closely with the actual hotels to ensure the highest standards of customer care.

However, exceptional issues might arise whilst you are at the hotel that are not to your satisfaction, and in that instance, it is imperative that you immediately notify the hotel management so that they have the opportunity to resolve the matter.

In the unlikely event that the hotel management cannot adequately address your concerns please notify Tourasco Group Ltd, whilst you are at the accommodation, through the contact details noted on your accommodation voucher.

If you wish to submit a formal complaint on your return home within a maximum of 48 Hours, you can do so by writing to Tourasco Group Ltd at the company address on the website.

Please include your booking reference and a short statement of your grievances.

Please note that if you fail to seek a resolution whilst at the hotel as stated above your complaint will be dismissed and any compensation foregone.

Where your complaint relates to health & and safety issues it is likely that Tourasco Group Ltd will seek direct correspondence with you.


Tourasco Group Ltd acts as an independent intermediary in the contracting of accommodation and other services, and shall thus not be held liable for death, injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, theft, delays, or any other irregularity which may arise, whether directly or indirectly, from the supply of services by the accommodation provider or other suppliers and which have been contracted via this system.

Tourasco Group Ltd shall use reasonable endeavor to make the accommodation provider deal with any complaint you may raise, Tourasco Group Ltd shall not be able to assist with any claims that were not raised during the period of stay at the accommodation, Tourasco Group Ltd shall not be able to negotiate any claim with the accommodation provider that is raised after the date of your departure from the accommodation in question.

You will at all times save harmless and keep fully indemnified Tourasco Group Ltd from and against any actions, claims, proceedings, losses, costs, expenses, and demands (including costs and expenses in defending such matter and its proper compromise) arising directly or indirectly out of or incidental to or in connection with any breach by you or by any of the people you booked on behalf of, of any of the provisions of these Terms or contravention of any laws or rights of a third party, or your use of this website.

When you book accommodation through Tourasco Group Ltd, you accept responsibility for the conduct of yourself and the other people on your booking during your stay. Tourasco Group Ltd and/or the accommodation provider reserves the right at any time to terminate your stay and that of any member of your party due to your or their misconduct, where justified in the reasonable opinion of Tourasco Group Ltd and/or the accommodation provider. Full cancellation charges will apply, and no refund will be given. Furthermore, neither the accommodation provider nor Tourasco Group Ltd shall be under any obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay being terminated. If your actions or those of any member of your party cause damage to the accommodation in which you are staying, you must fully reimburse the accommodation provider for the cost of the damage before you end your stay. You also agree to indemnify Tourasco Group Ltd against any claim (including legal costs) made against Tourasco Group Ltd as a result.

Notwithstanding the above, Tourasco Group Ltd's entire liability, whether in contract, tort (including breach of statutory duty), or otherwise shall not exceed the sums paid by you to Tourasco Group Ltd for the specific services in question.


These Terms and Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. If any part of the conditions proves to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the conditions will remain valid. The invalid or unenforceable condition will be deemed as supplanted by an enforceable and valid form conveying the same meaning. Any dispute will be governed by the law and jurisdiction of the UK courts.

You agree that your use of this website does not imply that any partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and Tourasco Group Ltd


Travel to Cuba by citizens and a resident of the United States is subject to the laws of the United States pertaining to the U.S. embargo of Cuba and requires a license from the United States Government. No refunds will be made, or liability incurred with respect to any travel arrangements made by citizens or residents of the United States without required licenses.


Tourasco Group Ltd shall ensure that, at all times, the product, including, but not limited to, all accommodation(s), facilities, furniture, and equipment, comply with all national, local, trade, and other laws, regulations, rules, and codes of practice (including those relating to health, safety, food, fire, security, planning and permits for the provision of hotel and holiday accommodation and the operation of a tourist establishment). Tourasco Group Ltd warrants that they have in place a health and safety management system which includes inspections of properties to ensure compliance with the above.

With regards to your accommodation(s), there may be additional health considerations specific to that location, and we recommend you visit your doctor well before traveling to obtain advice. For further information, see